In 2014 I spent the few days before Christmas in Copenhagen, it was here where I discovered the word hygge! (said hoo-gah).

Hygge is a Danish concept and can be translated as creating nice, warm atmospheres and enjoying the simple and good things in life with good people around you. What a great word and concept!? From how I understand it, the concept is more of a feeling and a mood rather than something  physical.

I have recently caught the idea of hygge in British magazines and papers where hygge appears to becoming a new lifestyle trend in line with the ever increasing ideas about mindfulness and wellbeing. However a few articles may not quite pick up the essence of how I understood it. Some outline how to get more hygge in our lives from wearing black, to buying new loungewear and a great one highlighting the concern of hygge relying on lighting too many candles which can cause breathing problems!

One of the things I love most about learning languages is discovering words that don’t really have an English translation but happen to really resonate with you. Maybe hygge is getting lost in translation and instead of buying and spending money on hygge us Brits should make sure we take time out from our busy lives to enjoy the simple things and just start to appreciate the moment a little more. As Autumn and Winter set in let’s enjoy the walks in our favourite park,  big comfort meals with friends and family around the table and cozy catch ups in our local pubs.



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